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Test Process Management

Ontrack Systems provides a complete management solution for the testing process. Outsourcing this necessary business function can provide your business with an e-commerce systems management solution that can scale with the growth of your online success. This includes design for testability principles, test case and test plan design, defect tracking and source-code management, functional and performance test automation, execution and result analysis.

Test Consultancy & Documentation

The main purpose of this exercise is to create a solid testing framework upon which an organisation can gain confidence in the quality levels of their application software at time of production. Essentially, the way to achieve such a framework is to analyse, design, develop and implement a robust testing strategy, which will meet the company’s business and technical requirements.

The Process adopted by Ontrack Systems is to move the client through a series of definable steps whereby they are directly providing the required business knowledge, with Ontrack Systems offering the test framework expertise.

Documentation resulting from the initial analysis will include a Scope of Works accompanied by a Test Services Proposal. Documentation resulting from the design and development phases will be a Test Strategy (company wide) and Master and Detailed Test Plans. Documentation resulting from the implementation phases will be the constant update of the test plans, test cases, test repository and bug/defect tracking reports.

Test Tool Consulting

Ontrack Systems helps accelerate current project development by adding people with process expertise to a team. Fluent in a variety of testing tool technologies, our consultants can augment any part of your testing staff from test managers and planners to tool developers.

Offshore Test Labs

Our offshore functional and performance testing facilities provides an economical alternative for large-scale load and regression testing of your application. The cost basis of our offshore resources make the completion of entire suites of functional and load tests much more feasible in terms of time and personnel.


Mentoring is the perfect way to get your team up to speed in technology using relevant content. With mentoring your team learns practical solutions to real issues one on one. This learning is typically applied to real projects with real deadlines. The results – not only does your staff walk away with knowledge; you walk away with a deliverable.

Technologies / Partnerships

We have worked with leading test tools such as Win Runner / QTP, Load Runner, Seque product, Compuware products etc. Our consultants work on a daily basis with leading edge systems incorporating protocols such as IIOP, HTTP, POP, SMTP, FTP, OCI, and the latest middleware technologies like Tuxedo, CORBA and DCOM. We have significant experience with the latest CORBA-based application servers like Weblogic and Websphere.

Third Party Verification

Contracting the development of your software product makes sense for many companies. Conflicts inevitably arise if a robust acceptance-testing program is not in place. Ontrack Systems can provide your company with comprehensive verification of the software someone else has produced for you. Beginning with the requirements you developed ONTRACK will produce a test plan, a complete set of functional and performance test case specifications and the automated test cases necessary to insure that the software system that has been delivered is the one you paid for. We can perform this service on your behalf, or augment your existing staff.

Testing Services