Turn your Data into Knowledge - Data Visualization for Actionable Information

As a valued partner of iVEDIX, Ontrack Systems offers a complete range of iVEDiX Mobile products and services. miVEDiX is a revolutionary platform that interacts visually with a touch, integrates data in real-time, and reports through the underlying core architecture .

Through it’s unique and flexible architecture, and iVEDiX’s patented DISC, users can directly connect with data sources and visualize trends through graphs, maps, keyword clouds, tables, charts and KPIs. Dynamic visuals make it simple to spot trends and screen-export allows users to share their dashboard directly to email, Adobe, Excel and more. miVEDiX is unlike any other app, in that it gives users unique data discovery capabilities that empower users to find desired info, spot trends and track performance on the go.

This setup, combined with a unique frame-to-frame manipulation system that takes full advantage of touch screen technology, makes it possible to drag-and-drop data from image to graphic and vice versa. It also allows users to intuitively create custom visuals with various measures and dimensions from the DISC. This means anytime, anywhere charts, graphic, maps, and metrics for meetings, presentations, or last-minute pitches.

miVedix gives organizations the advantage to transform data across the organization into actionable insights empowering leaders to think boldly and act decisively for the best decisions possible, right now! A cutting edge mobile based platform solution, miVEDiX allows organizations to integrate disparate data sources, visualize complex information, and drive a data driven company culture.  The miVEDiX platform will seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack, whether you use Microsoft, Oracle, or need to capture data from other data sources for your organization such as social media etc.

Seeing is believing

miVEDiX offers extensive mobile analytics solutions across a wide variety of industries including Healthcare, Retail, and Business Services. It seamlessly integrates with existing data infrastructures and gives users access to their data on the go. The platform combines rich visualizations, sophisticated interface options, and real-time updates to deliver an immersive data discovery experience.

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Visualization takes a command performance.

To create a next-level experience for miVEDiX users, we’ve used more than native gestures. By creating an “Intelligent Visualization Topology Algorithm”, our interface provides better data quality – intuitively.

There is no doubting it: miVEDiX is a cutting-edge mobile BI tool. With a semantic layer that allows for near plug-and-play interaction between traditional structured data sources (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc.) and unstructured content (blogs, Facebook, Twitter feeds, media streaming sites, etc), miVEDiX is able to connect in real-time to any stream or new age data engine. This functionality, combined with graceful 3D visualizations and geospatial analytics, lets miVEDiX offer an unparalleled user experience.

Search across data sources.

With miVEDiX, we’ve solved the challenge of bringing together data sources as well as navigating between them. The DISC is a feature that intuitively surfaces data groups, allows searching across sources, and filters access to sensitive information by user.

Secure sharing, collaboration, and write-back.

Sharing is the first step toward developing data-driven communities. miVEDiX provides a range of capabilities from report distribution to database write-back.

Health Care

It has allowed countless physicians to improve their quality of care and engagement with patients. By enhancing readability of, access to, and usefulness of electronic medical records, organizations have improved their operational efficiency, physician turnover, and overall quality of life for patients. By cross-referencing a variety of local, organizational, and unstructured data, we’re able to provide realtime holistic view of critical information
- Physician Rounding
- Staff Optimization
- Care, Monitoring, followup

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With miVEDiX, businesses can gain mobile access to IoT data in real-time. Workers can monitor remote sensor data across large geographic areas, and receive alerts based on their custom thresholds. Managers gain the ability to evaluate live data, while coordinating workers in-the-field toward critical maintenance. Through visualization, real-time integration, and an interactive platform, miVEDiX will help you take action from your IoT data.
- Environmental Monitoring
- Infrastructure Management
- Home Automation

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We’ve developed a unique set of tools for optimizing the mobile aspects of finance and operations. By analyzing and actively managing processes like procurement, labor, and transfer approvals on the go, business can happen in real-time, and in the moment.Whether you’re delving into social media demographics, or managing product development, miVEDiX helps teams work more effectively with their data.

- Finance & Operations
- Sales & Marketing
- Human Resources

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We’ve designed a diverse suite of stunning visualizations that allow teams across departments to understand, visualize, and set goals for a profitable financial future. The interactive analytics within miVEDiX can be used in real-time to: predict and track campaign ROI, alert regional managers of sales opportunities, compare online purchases against social media influence, and more - the possibilities are endless.

- Supply Chain & Financial Reporting
- Loss Prevention
- Segmentation

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miVedix Helps UNAIDS Fight HIV/AIDS Epidemic

UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations (UN) Program on HIV/AIDS is utilizing the miVEDiX solution in the HIV Situation Room in Kenya, an initiative that contributes to ending the HIV epidemic by 2030. miVEDiX allows the UN and their member states to collaborate by having access to national, county and facility level data, enabling better targeted programs and service level support, as well as giving countries and individual counties access to near real-time data for better informed decision making.

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