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Intellisys IT Managed Services

In today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace, successful organisations need unique talent and cutting edge IT expertise to support their growth.

With technological prowess and strong business acumen, Intellisys IT Managed Services work with companies across the globe to provide innovative information and technology solutions, ensuring clients improve their efficiency and increase their competitive advantage.

Intellisys provide solutions for complex business and IT needs, adding value to clients without hindering daily operations.

Managed Services provides IT, network and communications as discrete services or as part of a managed service, which combines a number of service offerings. Managed Services also provide consultancy around each of these areas.

What We Do

Our mission is (IT) service improvement in the broadest sense, i.e. delivering a flexible desktop, more responsive helpdesk, lower cost service, better performing service, etc. Our approach is to improve IT services within a business and its people. Intellisys believes that IT is a service delivered to serve a business, not a utility, installed and switched on when required like power. As a result, Intellisys does not deliver IT as a series of ‘point solutions’ but as a joined-up service integrating a business, its people, processes, information and appropriate technology. This means that in addition to delivering specific solutions to users, we help organisations manage the risk associated with critical IT services, manage its cost and maximise the value of their investment.

As a company, to underpin all our activities for our customers, we use a specific methodology: a set of best practises and processes for the management and delivery of IT services.

  • On the Managed Services side of the business – we provide outsourced and managed IT services for organisations who do not want to deliver IT themselves. In summary, we deliver “better business through better IT”. To our different stakeholders across our customer organisations, this means different things:
  • End users – better desktop facilities, applications and information, wherever users require: at home or on the move, backed with better support from the Service Desk
  • IT managers – we take their pain/burden/worry away from managing costs and risk but maximising ROI, showing prudence and effective IT governance (now a growing issue following business scandals in America – Andersons/World-Com etc.)
  • To our senior business managers/Execs – we deliver a better IT service for less, we let them concentrate on their core business and we provide access to a range of specialist skills.
IT Managed Services